Pay Per Click is a paid advertising process which is carried out when advertiser uses other websites for advertisement. A particular website places another website add on its website and the user who visits that website clicks on ads out of curiosity or need. These clicks are charged by the website owner who places ad on his site.

The number of times clicks are their required amount will be deducted from the client account. PPC requires highly trained and skilled professionals because if you place ads on wrong website then you will be in heavy loss.

Our management team is very well experienced in PPC; their innovative nature towards a technology helps them in keeping updated with all changes. Moreover, we have hired Google and Bing qualified professionals

Why Web Terfi?

With the google ads, the keyword which the user wants to trigger is selected. Based on the selected keyword the maximum bid is set which the owner will pay each time the user clicks the ad.

If the bid selected is among the highest of chosen keyword or phrase, which will appear on the list of top searches with the tag showing it’s a paid ad. This will help you in not wasting the money on people who are interested in product or services as only the interest people clicks the ad.

Common Mistake taken place in PPC

Some common mistakes that people often do in PPC are: -

  • Choosing wrong keywords, this leads to heavy loss to client. So, it's rather better to hire PPC professionals, they can help you in developing landing page for better keyword. PPC is the quickest way to increase sales if implemented well and can make your website visible in search engine in minimum possible time.
  • With the increased use of social media sites, surfing on Facebook and the other social website has become popular. Facebook ads as we know bring very high traffic. The focus of PPC is to bring very high traffic and targeted customer that are relevant ones. The whole focus is towards the selection of relevant keyword and sites where they will be positioned in search results. The keyword uses to facilitate your ad and the clicks give you filtered viewer. It also boosts up the traffic flow.

It includes various services: -

  • Paid search strategy
  • Campaign setup
  • PPC landing page
  • Ad copyrights creation

Why Us:

  • The reason for our outstanding performance in PPC management is that we have a specialized team for it.
  • Each of our PPC specialists is assigned a very small fraction of work load, which enhance their productivity and in return make profit to client.
  • We do not make fake promises, if we will recognize that we will not be able to make profit to your organization than we don't take your business responsibility. Thus, you could be confident that if we had taken responsibility, we will surely give you results.
  • We make use of expert- level strategies and modern tool to optimize efficiency from your PPC campaign by regularly monitoring its progress.
  • Our marketing professionals are trained to work with latest and advanced software.

Steps we follow towards PPC success

There are various steps we follow towards PPC success:

  • We make analysis about your business and plan and make strategy. So we examine competitive keyword, landing pages and ads.
  • We discover that keyword which can be successfully converted to leads.
  • Then we setup the strategy for campaigns and test the campaign through tracking mechanism.

Our Clients

Clients Testimonials

The working experience was really fruitful and would definitely recommend it to other customers.

Mr. Mohsin Momin - Customer

We would definitely recommend Web Terfi to anyone who is looking forward to create a customized website from professional web designers.

Mumtaz Ansari - Customer

We have excellent working experience with Web Terfi. Thanks to their knowledgeable and determined team members that our website looks functionally very good.

Mr. Raj Mourya and Ravi Kashyap - Customer

Awesome services....totally reliable and trust worthy...highly recommend Web Terfi

Maria Poonawala - Customer