Website and Application Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Does your good-looking website needs Maintained, security updates or any kind of updates?

We at Web Terfi ensures that our website management plans keep your website up to date within your budget from the on-going changes, enhancements and speed optimisation etc., at regular or on demand bases.

At Web Terfi, your website is not one-time affair, it is long time commitment.

Our standard maintenance program includes content, image updates and functioning of website properly

Apart from this, we keep a copy of your website so as to make it available through any situation of virus or other attacks.

What is included in a website management plan?

Text, photos, webpages, navigation, file downloads, videos, links, changes in colors and background pics upload, integration of forms and all other kind of support.


• Content updates • User training and support • Manage web Applications • Custom Software updates • Quality control • Project Management

Our Clients

Clients Testimonials

The working experience was really fruitful and would definitely recommend it to other customers.

Mr. Mohsin Momin - Customer

We would definitely recommend Web Terfi to anyone who is looking forward to create a customized website from professional web designers.

Mumtaz Ansari - Customer

We have excellent working experience with Web Terfi. Thanks to their knowledgeable and determined team members that our website looks functionally very good.

Mr. Raj Mourya and Ravi Kashyap - Customer

Awesome services....totally reliable and trust worthy...highly recommend Web Terfi

Maria Poonawala - Customer